Lazer Vaudeville Off Broadway

Lazer Vaudeville combines the traditional arts of vaudeville–juggling, comedy, slapstick acrobatics –with the modern special effects of lasers, strobe, and black-light illusion. In this DVD, which features their full-length show, the 3-person troupe–Carter Brown, Cindy Marvel and Nicholas Flair perform numerous juggling routines: club juggling and passing, ball juggling and bouncing, hoop rolling, trick roping, percussive bolas, cigar boxes, boomeranging hats, indoor stunt kites, lighted staff twirling and chainsaw juggling. 90 min. performance, an additional 20 min. of documentary extras (performer interviews & behind the scenes), plus a photo gallery.

Runtime: 90 minutes



Lazer Vaudeville Off-Broadway at the John Houseman Theater, Carter Brown, Cindy Marvell, Nicholas Flair. DVD, 90 Min. $25.


Lazer Vaudeville – jugglers Cindy Marvell and Carter Brown – have been producing successful shows and touring the U. S. and other countries for many years. Each year they invite a guest star to join them, and this time it was Nicholas Flair, who performs one of the best cigar box acts I’ve seen, and is also an excellent acrobat and juggler. In 2005, for the first time, Lazer Vaudeville had the opportunity to perform for several months in succession at a theatre in New York, just around the corner from Broadway. The DVD includes a full-length recording of that show. The three performers – solo, in pairs, or as a trio – juggle their way through all of the classic techniques of the genre: as well as clubs, rings and balls, they also do hat manipulation, chainsaws, lasso tricks, Carter’s version of hoop juggling (reminiscent of Bob Bramson), and of course Nick’s cigar boxes. The programme also features a number of refreshingly unusual elements, such as bounce juggling with hand-held drums, and kite-flying on stage.


As the name suggests, lighting effects play a major part in the presentation: UV, glow-props and stage lighting are used in many original, highly effective ways. Indeed, light plays just as important a part in the choreography as the music, the movement and the tricks. If you’re interested in seeing what can be done with lighting, there’s plenty to inspire you here.


The special features offer some fascinating behind-the-scenes footage, giving a good impression of what everyday life is like for the cast of an off-Broadway show.


Gabi Keast, KASKADE 2005

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