A Juggling Journey DVD 2

A Juggling Journey 2 is a one-woman touring production showcasing the skills and artistry of Cindy Marvell, the first woman to win the International Jugglers” Association Championship. Marvell, who also graduated from Oberlin College with honors in English, combines poetry – including that of the namesake 17th-Century poet Andrew Marvell – with story and song to create a mesmerizing view of the juggler”s art. Marvell is accompanied in the recollections of her journey from Ireland to Saudi Arabia by various balls, clubs, rings, diabolos, devil sticks, daggers, spinning plates, twirling ribbons, original music, costumes, sets, and audience volunteers. The spectacle enlightens and entertains as she is “both graceful and flawless” (Broadway.com), The New York Times goes as far as to say she “juggles like a poet” – perhaps better. Marvell is co-founder of the Boulder Circus Center and has toured with Lazer Vaudeville from Singapore to Off Broadway.

Runtime: 50 minutes

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